In house, fully owned network elements
form our unique and solid foundation
Our Platform

An advanced, high-capacity and powerful Rule Engine

Configured, managed and controlled by a graphic and intuitive application. InnoVate is engineered to enable easy adaptation and integration of all types of services and processes

• Scalable, telco-grade solution
• Every node is either fully redundant or geographically redundant
• Fully redundant solution
• Secure soft core
• All nodes are located on the same hardware platform
3G to 4G/LTE
• Scalable, telco-grade solution
• Every node is either fully redundant or geographically redundant
Network Elements



A highly flexible element that provides an API for the MAP portal as well as other elements.

Our HLR contains an optional HLR Proxy for multiple IMSI management, which has been successfully deployed and operational in multiple networks.

Data Warehouse (DW)

Optimization of operations within the system. This core element enables the unique, advanced statistical analysis of reams of data for a host of next-generation applications and services.

MAP Portal

A dedicated portal that takes a technological leap forward by requesting SS7 commands from the HLR via an API, in order to enable advanced functions and services.



Supports SS7, SMPP and proprietary APIs for messages as well as FDA (First Delivery Attempt)

Protocols supported:

• MAP version 1, 2 and 3
• SMPP 3.4 client and server
• Store & Forward mechanism
• APIs to send messages to subscribers

Provides proprietary APIs for “Network Initiate” messages.

The USSD server enables service providers to offer new and cost effective messaging methods for:

• Low cost roaming calls
• Sending M2M status information
• APIs for forwarding subscriber requests to customer applications


Intelligent Network Node responsible for call control, re-routing and number translation services, such as 1-800.
IMSI Translator

Enables multiple IMSI management for a single subscriber.

A major advantage is the ability to consume its services over the cloud, as a service.

CAMEL Prepaid Gateway
• Controls subscribers outgoing and incoming calls
• Advanced, full-service gateway that includes interfaces to the leading billing platforms



Built on top of the industry-standard Linux operating system and utilizes a feature-rich and flexible processing engine - this enables a number of supplementary services that are of great help to operators that wish to offer customized and manageable data solutions. The GGSN is 3GPP compliant up to Release #7.

Supports the Diameter protocol for billing as well as proprietary billing API for different billing providers/applications

MSC Signaling Gateway

GMSC is a cross-domain service mediation and service interaction solution. The platform provides connectivity between SIP based networks and the GSM core network.