A complete GSM/3G/LTE
Core Network
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Flexible Deployment
Low CAPEX, complete networks
deployed over the cloud, on premise
or any hybrid combination of them
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business models enable
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Adapt quickly to ad-hoc
customer needs and dynamic
architectural structures
A complete GSM/3G/LTE
Core Network


Today, MVNOs are facing many business challenges – some of which are potentially conflicting, thus forcing them into difficult decisions. We, at Inno Networks, understand this changing landscape and take pride in our ability to offer flexibility in several areas, in order to help MVNOs to meet these challenges without any conflicts.

We understand time-to-market is critical; this is why our solutions can be offered as managed services, ready for service in a matter of days; once up and running, MVNOs can add services and capabilities, alter existing ones or completely remove previously-available ones, enabling them to evolve alongside their ever-changing markets, at an affordable cost.

MVNOs may also elect to change deployment models, from full managed services to complete, fully owned networks (on-premise), or any hybrid combination of them.

We have a record of MVNOs that started with a certain deployment model that has changed over time in order to gain a competitive edge.

FOR IoT and M2M

The world of IoT is taking a huge leap forward in recent years, and is expected to continue the connectivity revolution. Telecom operators realize that entering this new era requires them to change the way they operate in all aspects – from physical deployments, through roaming changes and up to new, flexible billing models.

In order to meet these new challenges, we are offering a platform that can be totally independent from the operators’ traditional networks – these dedicated IoT networks have been customized and optimized to meet the new requirements of connected devices, without affecting the existing business.

These dedicated IoT networks are robust and scalable enough to support millions of devices – each with specially-tailored data plans and price models; you can start off with a few hundreds of devices and gradually grow and expand, without requiring a large investment upfront!

Inno Networks also offers unique, customized packages that are suitable for moving M2M devices – these require specialized roaming agreements as they roam between countries and continents, without compromising their service levels, and without “end-of-the-month surprises” of huge billing rates.

These networks enable additional segmentation into customers, where each customer has different devices, requirements, regulations and scale

Once again, the combination of a highly flexible platform (INNOVATE) with extensive experience with the specifics of this market, its dynamics and evolving needs make INNO Networks an ideal partner for the M2M player.